Matrix multiplication not working?


I am following example for gemm operator here
AFL% load_library(‘dense_linear_algebra’);
Create matrices A, B, and C.

AFL% CREATE ARRAY A val:double [i=0:1,32,0,j=0:1,32,0];
AFL% store(build (A, i*2 + j + 1), A);
AFL% store(build(val:double[i=0:1,32,0,j=0:1,32,0],iif(i=j,1,0)),B);

AFL% CREATE ARRAY C val:double [i=0:1,32,0,j=0:1,32,0];
AFL% store(build (C, 1), C);
Perform the gemm calculation.

AFL% gemm(A,B,C);

everything is fine and all sample arrays get created until last step invocation of gemm operator
AFL% gemm(A,B,C);
SystemException in file: src/mpi/MPISlaveProxy.cpp function: checkLauncher line: 59
Error description: Internal SciDB error. Operation 'MPI launcher process already terminated

What is going on?
i am running scidb 14.8 on single node cluster Ubuntu 14


There are no issues with mpi. i have compiled and run sample mpi program with multiple threads…


able to resolve by following … pbs01.html
should this not be part of install script?


Hi Senya, glad you were able to dig yourself out! Was the problem related to SSH config, DNS config, shared memory config, or some combination of those?

For good or ill, SSH is a feature of the distributed Linux landscape and we must live with it (or reinvent it, which is not really an award-winning idea). Going forward, we do have work planned to improve our installation process in this area.

Best regards,
Mike L.