Making iquery scidb available to other Unix users


Say iquery is available on the command line to the scidb Unix user, but other users do not have access to it.

How do you give other users access to iquery?


Via @jrivers

You can add the below to your ~/.bashrc file found in your local home directory. This adds iquery and other scidb tools to your path.

# User specific aliases and functions

export SCIDB_VER=16.9
export SCIDB_HOME=/opt/scidb/${SCIDB_VER}
export SCIDB_CONFIG_FILE=${SCIB_HOME}/etc/config.ini
export PATH=${SCIDB_HOME}/bin:${PATH}
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:${PATH}

You should now be able to use iquery:

iquery -aq "list('arrays')"


prob want to make iquery executable by other users and groups as well - chmod a+x $SCIDB_HOME/bin/iquery


we had packaged iquery and its libs into docker and have all users to install it. This way users don’t need to be on the same machine as scidb coordinator