Major new release of SciDB - version 19.3


We’ve just release a new version of SciDB, version 19.3. Check out the details at:


Release 19.3 supports in-place upgrade from 18.1.15 of existing arrays for EE customers. This is done immediately after installation and before starting SciDB for the first time following a manual process described here below.


Please read this document in its entirety before starting to upgrade your installation.

This P4/EE operator will allow you to upgrade your arrays-in-place after upgrading SciDB from 18.1.15 to 19.3. Each version of every array must be upgraded individually, and a snippet of bash code is provided in the procedure below to accelerate this step. If you know ahead-of-time that there are older versions of arrays that you don’t intend to keep, feel free to remove those older versions while 18.1.15 is loaded and before you start the upgrade process.


1. Shutdown SciDB 18.1.15.
2. Within each instance’s data directory, there is a metadata subdirectory. It’s this subdirectory that contains the rocksdb database. I recommend saving a copy of this off on each instance, in case something goes wrong during the upgrade.

cd /path/to/scidb/data/directory/0/0
cp -r metadata metadata.bak

Repeat for each instance in cluster. Do not delete the original metadata folder.
3. Upgrade SciDB to the new 19.3 packages, ensuring that the catalog and array data is not touched during the upgrade.
4. Add the following configuration option to the config.ini file:


5. Start SciDB which, at this point, must be at version 19.3.
6. Load the upgrade library. Do not scan any arrays or otherwise run any other queries except what follows in this procedure.

iquery -aq "load_library('upgrade')"

7. Upgrade each version of each array in each namespace. Following is a snippet of bash code that accelerates this step for you.

for arr in $(iquery -otsv -aq "project(apply(filter(list('arrays',true,ns:all), uaid != aid), fqa, namespace + '.' + name), fqa)"); do iquery -aq "upgrade($arr)"; done

8. Unload the upgrade library.

iquery -aq "unload_library('upgrade')"

9. Stop SciDB.
10. Remove the following configuration option from the config.ini file.


11. Start SciDB.
12. The upgrade is complete and you can use the system normally. You may remove the metadata.bak backup folders you created earlier at your convenience.