Logistic Regression



I am preparing to run logistic regression over 80TB of data (credit scoring), and have two major questions:

  1. Does the ‘logistregr’ function utilize ScalaPACK?
  2. Does the connector for R allow me to run the logistic regression package ‘glm’ from R in a true parallel fashion over a SciDB cluster?

Any feedback is very much appreciated!

Thank you,

Austin Wagoner
Upper West Soluções
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Hi Austin

No, the logistregr you must be looking at probably came from the 12.7 demo version. It’s a custom-written prototype and it does not use ScalaPACK yet. The plan is to write a scalapack-based logistregr function, but not in the immediate future. Given what you want to do, you could talk to Paradigm4 Inc about possibly starting a commercial project - email info@paradigm4.com if interested.