Loading opaque save files from older versions of SciDB


Hello All—
It was recently pointed out to us that SciDB 13.12 will refuse to load opaque save files from older versions of SciDB. This was a bug that we failed to catch in the 13.12 testing. Going forward, it is our intention that it should always be possible to load an opaque file from the immeditately preceding version of SciDB into the current version of SciDB. For 13.12, there are two options:

  1. Use the ‘binary’ save file format instead of opaque. Note that this requires a re-dimension after loading since the binary format flattens the array to a single dimension.
  2. For those who build SciDB from source, you can apply the attached patch. Due to the nature of the bug (we changed the array metadata format but neglected to bump the opaque format version number), we cannot automatically detect which opaque files have been generated with older versions of SciDB. Instead users will have to manually enter the special format string: ‘OPAQUE_13_11’ as the argument to the load operator. For example:

load(TargetArray, ‘arraydata.out’, -1, ‘OPAQUE_13_11’)

Also note that the patch works for files saved as opaque in 13.11. For files saved from older versions we recommend using the ‘binary’ save/restore method mentioned above.

Our apolgies for the oversight and let us know if you have trouble with the patch.

–Steve F.

opaque.diff.gz (4.56 KB)