Loadcsv.py : command not found



I want to use “loadcsv.py” command, but terminal says “loadcsv.py : command not found”.
I use scidb 15.12 downloaded VirtualBox_SciDB_15.12_CE_2014_04_15.ova.

I’m a beginner, please teach me.


Well …

  1. The product’s documentation can be found here. If you type the word “load” into the search box at the top of that page, you will be taken to the page about the load(…) command, which explains the syntax and semantics of what’s going on. There are also multiple examples there that illustrate how to load .csv data into SciDB.

  2. Once you’ve mastered that material, your next reading assignment might be the Non-Definitive Guide to Loading Data in SciDB. That presentation goes into considerably more details about your load options with the basic Community Edition.

  3. If you’re looking to something more than can be handled by the basic load tools, there’s also the Accelerated I/O Toolkit. This gives you considerable flexibility to manage your load, and is also much more tolerant of bad data than the built-in tools.

Does that help? As a start?