Load data file to an array with float dimensions


I’m having difficulties to format the load file to load into an array with a float dimension index.
I tried a several format input, but anything work.

AQL% create empty array float_dim <val1:double, val2:double> [x(float)=3,3,0, y(float)=3,3,0];
Query was executed successfully
AQL% set lang afl;
AFL% load(float_dim, '/tmp/data.out');
UserException in file: src/query/ops/input/InputArray.cpp function: end line: 49
Error description: Import error. Import from file '/tmp/data.out' (instance 0) to array 'float_dim' failed at line 2, column 6, offset 9, value='1.5': Failed to parse string.
Failed query id: 1100849845945

This /tmp/data.out is not loaded:


But, when I use integer in /tmp/data.out is loading ok. Like this:


In the SciDB User Guide (page 29) is shown about string format, but don’t have load format.
In the page 1, have the only one reference about float dimensions in the guide. Follows the sentence:
Basic array dimensions are 64-bit integers. SciDB also supports arrays with one or more noninteger dimensions, such as variable-length strings (alpha, beta, gamma, …) or floating-point values (1.2, 2.76,4.3, …).

In the page 30 have a note:
In the current version of SciDB, it is not possible to load data directly from an external file into a mapping array.

How is the alternative loading data to an array with float dimensions, without the directly load?

Thank you very much for your reply.



When you need to load into non-integer dimensions, currently you have to use the redimension_store operator. So, first load into integer dimensions, then redimension_store a copy.