Is there high avalibility mechnisms for worker instances?


Does Scidb worker instances replicate data to somewhere else in case of worker nodes failure, and does one worker instance failure cause the whole custer stop?



The SciDB Community Edition system does not support this. The Paradigm4 SciDB enterprise edition does have a system plugin that allows you to set the system up for k-replication. If used, the system will stay live and data will remain readable after up to k-1 instance failures. To find out more about it, contact Paradigm4 via

  • Alex Poliakov


Hi, do you mean the “redundancy (optional)” parameter, and do you mean we can’t use this parameter in the community edition of SicDB?


I read the edition comparation page at, it says k- replication feature is avaliable at both editions.


So how can we recover from a worker instance or worker server failure, and the cordinator instance or server?


The current version of the page that compares CE vs. EE (