Install SciDB-Py


I have successfully installed SciDB in my system (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). When I have gone through the SciDB-Py documentation for working Scidb with PYTHON, I came to know that my host name should be “localhost” and port 8080.

How can I check, what is my existing hostname & port connected to?

If the existing host name is not “localhost” and port is not 8080,how can I make necessary changes to work with SciDB-Py?

Next question is how to configure SHIM in my system?

Expecting a positive replay at the earliest.


Localhost is a special name on linux that refers to the current machine you are running on. Unless you are running SciDB-Py script from a machine different from the one where scidb is running, you should not need to change localhost anywhere in SciDB-Py. Also, for more info on SciDB-Py, please check out the doc section on github:

Look at the way connection is established with SciDB-Py: you can specify the name of the machine you want. Please note that SciDB-Py works through shim.

Info on how to configure shim can also be found on github page for it:

Have a look and configure your system accordingly.