Install on Fedora 12 (x86_64)



After a successful build of SciDB from the svn trunk, I have this error during the set up of the postgres catalog etc:

psql:/tmp/meta.sql:100: NOTICE: CREATE TABLE / UNIQUE will create implicit index "libraries_name_key" for table "libraries" CREATE TABLE psql:/tmp/meta.sql:105: ERROR: could not access file "$libdir/uuid-ossp": No such file or directory psql:/tmp/meta.sql:107: ERROR: function uuid_generate_v1() does not exist LINE 1: insert into "cluster" values (uuid_generate_v1()); ^ <<<

I ran the commands in manually due to permissions issues.
Perhaps this may have caused it.

Had a quick hunt round for “$libdir” but nothing seems obvious to interpolate it



$libdir is the directory where postgresql keeps shared objects.

Did you install postgresql yourself? I’m not sure if that was the reason, but I ran into this when installing scidb on my own build of postgresql-9.0.1. I got past it by doing the following:

  • install OSSP uuid library from
  • re-configure postgresql source tree using --with-ossp-uuid
  • make ; make install in postgresql/contrib subdirectory

– Dave


Did you install postgresql yourself?

No, I just went for the bog-standard yum rpm




try yum install postgresql-contrib

– Dave


try yum install postgresql-contrib

Sorted, thanks Dave.


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