Install on Debian Sid


I got SciDB compiled on Debian yesterday. It wasn’t difficult, but some of the required packages have different names or are different versions than Ubuntu. This was done with on Debian Sid. Just wanted to note the difference somewhere (as I didn’t see anything for Debian on the wiki.) Here is the complete install command for all the prerequisites:

It compiled with some warnings, but it appears to be working fine.


This is good to hear.

Would you let me know how you went running it? Keen to hear of any issues.

And yes - sorry about the warnings. Lots of dust to sweep up, I’m afraid.


Compilation was pretty simple once the prerequisites are in place. Still looking through the AIL documentation. Once I get through the documentation I’ll be able to provide more feedback on how it all works at this stage. Everything appears to be working, though.

This release is not expected to pass all of the tests provided in the tests directory is it? It appears to fail several of the basic tests:

Done testing The following tests failed: ['negative/filter_001.aql', 'negative/subsample_001.aql', 'negative/subsample_002.aql', 'negative/subsample_003.aql', 'negative/subsample_004.aql', 'negative/subsample_005.aql', 'negative/subsample_006.aql', 'negative/type_error_001.aql', 'negative/type_error_002.aql', 'negative/type_error_003.aql', 'negative/type_error_004.aql']

As far as the warnings are concerned, I wasn’t expecting the prettiest compile process. It’s to be expected with such an early release.


Well … I’m relieved that the system fails these tests. It’s meant to. They’re “negative” tests intended to ensure that we check for various error conditions and throw the right error.

Sounds like you have it working.


Ok great! Thanks.