Install Error: Unterminated quoted string


I managed to get through ./run setup and ./run make. However, when I’m trying to execute ./run install I keep getting the same error:

[code]/ssd/scidb/14.3/bin/ ERROR: Remote command exceptions:
Abnormal return code: 2 stderr: sh: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

./ ERROR: Command install failed: Abnormal return code: 1 on command [’/ssd/scidb/14.3/bin/’, ‘stopall’, ‘mydb’, ‘/ssd/scidb/14.3/etc/config.ini’][/code]

All the subcommands of lead to the very same error: Unterminated quoted string.

Could you please advise where the problem might be and what can I do to correct this.



Sorry about the problem. Can you please provide us the contents of your config.ini file? Thanks.

  • Alex Poliakov



[mydb] server-0=,3 db_user=mydb db_passwd=mydb install_root=/opt/scidb/14.3 pluginsdir=/opt/scidb/14.3/lib/scidb/plugins logconf=/opt/scidb/14.3/share/scidb/ base-path=/ssd/scidb-data/mydb base-port=1239 interface=eth0


The build instruction 14.8 viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1431 says if you use, you cannot place your install_path to /opt/scidb.
Let us know if you still have problem after making that change.