Inserting comments into an AQL script file


When using an AQL script file (iquery -f my_input_filename)
is there anyway to insert comment lines, and if so what is the syntax?
Using # generates syntax errors.



Hi Frank!

Sorry about the delay in this response. Here’s the beef …

At the moment, you can use ‘–’ to specify a comment in a SciDB AQL query. For example …

[code]iquery -q "–
– This is a comment

SELECT SUM ( val ) AS SUM_VAL – So is this.

– This is another comment

FROM build ( < val : double > [ Row=0:999,1000,0 ], random() ) – So is this

– And you can put them here, too.


Some notes …

  1. Colons confuse iquery. Best not to put 'em into a comment (for now).
  2. We’re working on expanding the range of things you can use for comments. Basically, this ‘–’ is the way SQL handles it. But it’s not really what you want to do.

Hope this helps!