Input operator embedded in another operator


I read in the 14.7 user guide that the ability to embed the input operator into another operator will be deprecated in a future version. I have a few data loading scripts that use this ability to feed the results of input into other operators to be inserted into a target array, something like:

I’m using input to avoid saving the data into a temporary array on disk only to read it back and insert into my target array. I have two questions on the use of the input operator:

  1. If the way that I’m loading data using input is not recommended, is there a recommended alternative?

  2. If you can’t embed input into another operator, what is a normal use case for this operator? Seems like you can’t do anything of use with the temp array returned by input.



In 14.8 (we have removed 14.7), there is a new feature called temp array. See … 01s02.html. You may input() into a temp array, and then use that in subsequent processing.