I need the root password for 15.12 CE virtual box VVM and paradigm4 doesnt work


I am running CE VM 15.12 and I need the root password in order
to improve performance
As the sicdb user I cant sudo as su, and I have tried paradigm4
as the root password and it doesn’t appear to work


I just booting via GRUB, mounted the filesytem rw, and set the root password.


as user scidb you should be able to just use sudo su with password paradigm4:

scidb@scidb-vm:~$ sudo su
[sudo] password for scidb: 
root@scidb-vm:/home/scidb$ whoami

Normal su may not work for linux reasons - we (P4) didn’t do any kind of extra special lockdown here


thanks. I thought I had tried that. I tried again, I must have flubbed the password