How to return query execution time without query result



First of all, i read this post.

But i couldn’t find a solution.

I want to get Query Execution time.
But i can’t see execution time, when i used “set no fetch” and “set timer”

I have to wait until output of query result when i want to see query execution time.
However as you know it take so much time.

So, I used these methods.

First method
"time iquery -a" and “consume(load(…));”

Second method
"iquery -a" and “consume(load());”

First method, i can get times. “real, user, sys”. But i can’t get "Query executioin time"
Second method, i can’t get times. (“real, user, sys” and “Qeury execution time”).
If i use consum() operator, i can’t see Query Execution time when i “set fetch” and “set timer”.

I have to compare Qeury Execution time of MySQL with SciDB.
I’m using SciDB 14.12

Thank you.