How to install SciDB15.7 of community eition?


how to install SciDB15.7 of community eition?



You need to build 15.7 from source. See the build instructions here:


None of the url /links appear to work
all of them fail.

is apparently the link to the source and it fails.

It is not just this but every single link.


same for me. I obtain 404 errors.


This is now fixed, links should be working again.


still not working for, making it impossible to install on ubuntu with the prepare_toolchain option of the deploy script.

#8 prepare_toolchain should have created a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/scidb3rdparty.list file with contents:
deb ubuntu14.04/3rdparty/
(you did not say which version of ubuntu you are on. If 12.04 then change the above 14.04 reference).

Check that the file exists and that is its contents.
Then do a apt-get update to update the repository lists.

Finally check that you can “wget