How to confrim if scidb runs in a cluster?


Hi I would like to confirm if scidb is running with 2 nodes.Please let me know if there is a way to confirm this.


Hi laksshman

I am assuming that you have the node IP-s configured at:

to be something similar to the lines below:

Also I am assuming that the following worked OK:

[quote] startall mydb
[/quote](where mydb is the name you chose for your Postgres database)

You can check the list of active instances on all the active nodes by running:

[quote]iquery -aq “list(‘instances’)”
Also after running a few store queries on the database e.g.:

[quote]iquery -aq “store(build(num:double[x=0:8,1,0, y=0:9,1,0], random()),random_numbers)”
you should start to see some disk utilization in the SciDB storage folder. For example, at my $HOME/scidb_data folder, I see:

[quote]~/scidb_data/000$ du -h .

37G .
You can check for disk utilization in each of your nodes (this means that SciDB is filling up data in each of your nodes).