How many cells in every instance


Hello, everybody!
I have 3 node with 6 instances. I want to know how my array distribute to every instance. I konw there are

but I don’t know where to use it.

I get the path “/home/scidb/mydb-DB//000/0/datastores/
/home/scidb/mydb-DB//000/1/datastores/” get the file size, but the size of in instance1 cannot Pass to the instance0 because they are different processes and cannot share the stack space and communicate with each other.

I want to know how many cells in Array 2 in instance0 and other instances. So where I called scidb::PhysicalBoundaries::getNumCells and store these results to statistics in order to call these statistics in the future?

in array A
map < instance0, how many cells >
map < instance1, how many cells>
map < instance2, how many cells >

I don’t want to list(‘chunk map’) with iquery, I just want to store the map
< instance0, how many cells > in source code.

Thanks very much.

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Take a look at this repo. It does what you are looking for: