Has anyone had any experience running on VMs on EC2?


I realize scidb recommend a r3.4xlarge for AMI when running scidb on amazon, but I am curious if anyone has any experience with VMs
(mainly just to exhaust options)



I’ve experience running SciDB on EC2. In our case, the data allowed us to horizontally split data and run a SciDB instance on each data piece. For example, if you wanted to calculate the average income for every county; one country’s data calculated per SciDB instance.

In our case, general workflow was:
Install SciDB
Load data
Take snapshot of SciDB instance
Bring up 5 instances from the snapshot

You could skip the “Load data” step and load per instance, depending on your data size.



Hi Thad,

From my understanding, were you using a set of independent SciDB instances each of which processed a subset/chunk of data? Did you try to deploy SciDB in the multi-node mode, i.e., a cluster/federation?



No experience with the multi-node setup.