FYI: Haskell "clone" of iquery

FYI: I have created a Haskell “clone” of iquery that uses shim. The cabal package is at scidb-hquery on hackage.. The source code is on github. There is documentation on how to use the hquery command interactively or for scripting, with or without authorization and with or without SSL/TLS.

It is not a true “clone” of the iquery functionality, but the Haskell package will run on a large number of OSes, and it has a nice “upload” feature.


  • Marcus


Nice to hear from you (it’s been a while since your last post). Glad to see that you created a haskell clone for iquery.

Curious to learn how you are using the Haskell clone (e.g. why the regular iquery did not suffice your needs, what application you are using this in etc.).