Forum registration won't accept organization type "other"


When I select the choice “Other” for the “Type of Organization” entry on the registration page or the User Control Panel "profile: tab, it refuses to let me proceed, saying

The field “Type of Organization” must be completed.

What I really want is a “non-commercial” organization type for non-profits etc.

Please accept both of those. Or at least drop the “other” field if it won’t be accepted.

I also suggest some sort of “contact” page or direct way to contact the webmaster, which folks can use before registering (e.g. if they can’t register…)



Hi Neal,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

  • fixed the “other” field so that it’s now accepted
  • added organization type “nonprofit”
  • added a page with my email address so folks can communicate issues over emails

Sorry about the wait, we’re going at full steam trying to get the next release out the door!