Failed to start SciDB on EC2


Hi all,

I am new to SciDB.
I am following the instructions in quick start tutorial download/file.php?id=76
After I setup AMI on EC2, I tried to start SciDB server, but EC2 instance failed to start SciDB.
Here is what I am doing, is there anybody meeting the same problem?

ubuntu@ip-10-151-134-35:~$ ./
checking (server 0 (localhost) local instance 0) …
checking (server 0 (localhost) local instance 1) …
Found 0 scidb processes
start(server 0 (localhost) local instance 0)
Starting SciDB server.
start(server 0 (localhost) local instance 1)
Starting SciDB server.
Failed to start SciDB!


I checked two version of SciDB quick-start documents. Both say there are some community AMIs. The AMI ID is ami-24f8604d for 13.2, and ami-703a5c19 for 13.3. However, I couldn’t find the AMI on EC2. Are those AMIs still there?



Make sure you are using east-coast EC2