Error with I/O


Dear all:
I meet the following error, anyone could help me out? I really appreciate your great help.
I find out my almost 17 TB. However, my disk size is only 100 GB

Exception of type <type ‘exceptions.Exception’> value SystemException in file: src/util/FileIO.cpp function: writeAll line: 94
Error description: I/O error. pwrite failed to write 272 byte(s) to the position 17593500000000 with error 27.
Failed query id: 1101902368997
re-raising …



Which version of SciDB were you using? Which Linux command did you use to find the 17TB number?


The version is 12.12. linux commend is what I created by myself, which is kind of similar as SVD, It will iterative update several multi-dimension matrixes until convergence. During the updating process, several intermediate matrixes are created, updated, deleted over and over again.

Thanks & Best Regards


12.12 is 2.5 years old. Any reason you are not using a later version of SciDB?