Error while using csv2scidb


I am learning scidb and have version 14.8 installed on a single server. I am trying to follow the examples given in Section 5.5 of the userguide – Example iquery session # 3.

When i issue the command csv2scidb -s 1 -i /home/scidb/SCI-DB/workspace/datafile.csv > /home/scidb/SCI-DB/workspace/datafile.scidb; at the AQL% prompt I get the following error message :

UserQueryException in file: src/query/parser/Driver.cpp function: fail line: 133
Error description: Error during query parsing. Query parser failed with error ‘syntax error’.
csv2scidb -s 1 -i /home/scidb/SCI-DB/workspace/datafile.csv > /home/scidb/SCI-DB/workspace/datafile.scidb

Please let know where I might be possibly going wrong.


Hi, the csv2scidb command is intended to be used from the system bash prompt, not from the iquery/AQL command interpreter. Exit the interpreter and then run the csv2scidb command from the system command shell.

Mike Leibensperger