Error while dumping OPAQUE files from SciDB 15.12


I’ve attempted to dump several different arrays (both 1-dimensional and multidimensional) using commands like:

save(SOME_ARRAY, '/home/thomas/some_array_opaque', -2, 'OPAQUE');

In all cases, I’m getting an error like:

SystemException in file: src/query/PullSGArrayUtil.cpp function: nextChunk line: 544
Error description: Internal SciDB error. Assertion 'attId == currOutputAttr' failed at /tmp/buildd/scidb-15.12-1/src/query/PullSGArrayUtil.cpp:544 (Redistributed chunk consumed out of order).

Any ideas what’s going on here?

Changing the instance_id to -1 (i.e. dump a separate file on each instance) does succeed – but seems of limited utility, at least for moving data between clusters. Is this the expected behaviour?


Hi Thomas!

Sorry about the inconvenience. No, this is not expected. This is a bug. Please use lowercase ‘opaque’ - that should work.

‘OPAQUE’ in uppercase is not a valid option and should just not be used. We’ll make sure to fix the discrepancy in future releases.


Thanks, all seems to be working now.