Error #System:111 When connecting to localhost:1239


The config of my postgresql connections is below:(Extract of /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf :smile:


“local” is for Unix domain socket connections only

local all all trust

IPv4 local connections:

host all test1user trust
host all all trust

IPv6 local connections:

host all test1user ::1/128 trust
host all all ::1/128 trust[/code]

and I have configured the config.ini about scidb

[test1] server-0=localhost,0 db_user=test1user db_passwd=test1passwd install_root=/opt/scidb/12.3 metadata=/opt/scidb/12.3/share/scidb/meta.sql pluginsdir=/opt/scidb/12.3/lib/scidb/plugins logconf=/opt/scidb/12.3/share/scidb/ base-path=/home/scidb/data base-port=1239 interface=eth0 no-watchdog=true redundancy=1 merge-sort-buffer=1024 network-buffer=1024 mem-array-threshold=1024 smgr-cache-size=1024 execution-threads=16 result-prefetch-queue-size=4 result-prefetch-threads=4 chunk-segment-size=10485760

i excuted the and build a database named test1,user of the db is test1user and password is test1passwd, it works
and i excuted scidb -c initall test1 and scidb -c startall test1. There is no problem!
and the active processes related to scidb and posrgresql are normal!
Here is the error!
when i excute iquery, it raises the error

[root@hadoop9 bin]# iquery 3 [0x7f02a9827760] FATAL null - Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239 3 [0x7f02a9827760] FATAL null - Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239 iquery SystemException in file: src/network/BaseConnection.cpp function: connect line: 267 Error id: scidb::SCIDB_SE_NETWORK::SCIDB_LE_CONNECTION_ERROR Error description: Network error. Error #system:111 when connecting to localhost:1239.
after that ,all process related scidb are down.
i have confirmed there is no problem about port collision and i asked for any useful advice!


Have a look in the SciDB log files. In your case, /home/scidb/data/000/0/*.log. There’s almost certainly an error message in there that will yield a clue.


Unluckily, i cannot find my log file in the path, there are right directories, but no files, i wonder if there is something wrong with my log4cxx configuration, or do i have to add anything to the scidb configuration file? i am new to the scidb and thanks for your reply.