Error in glm function in SciDB R



I have tried the glm in SciDB R package and got the following error:
I am using the SciDB version 14.8. The collate website says from SciDB 14.7 the collate functionality is covered by the unfold operator. It seems the updated the SciDB-R package hasnt been updated?

M <-, y,weights=NULL,family=gaussian())

Error in .local(x, y, weights, family, intercept) :
The Paradigm4 glm operator was not found.

glm.D93_sci = glm_scidb(counts ~ outcome + treatment, family = poisson(), data=d.AD_sci)

Error in value[3L] : This function requires the collate operator.



Hi Meng,

This is expected. glm is currently part of the proprietary P4 library.
Sometimes we make an exception and provide the library for free to academics and researchers.
If you have a strong need, contact me via email. Thanks.