Error:'Broken pipe'


When I used python script to insert a long string(about 1MB) into SciDB,it happend error as following

But it was no error when I used python script to insert a short string into SciDB.
I think perhaps this is problem about configure of Shim or Requests,but I do not know how to deal with it.
Any help would be much appreciated!!!


Have you tried doing it through iquery - as a means of isolating where the problem comes from?


Because the string is too large,I don’t know how to do it through iquery.I reduced the size of string(the size of string is about 100KB),and it returned anthor error.

My python script is as following

def insertarray(row,tablename,data): sdb = connect('http://localhost:8080') sdb.query("insert(redimension(apply(build(<data:string>[i=0:0,1,0],'"+data+"'),x,"+str(row)+"),"+tablename+"),"+tablename+")") print('insert_finish')


Looks like you are running into a query length limit which SciDB inherits from protobuf.

We will investigate further and get back to you.

If you can put the string into a filesystem object, you can use a command like input(), load(), or the prototype split() operator in