Error:add a new cell or serveral cells into an array


I’m a fresh student,I want to add a new cell or serveral cells into an array.
The Scidb version is 13.12,and it is running on ubuntu 12.04.
my aql statement:

AQL% create array test0 <val: int64> [i=0:10,10,0];
AQL% create array test1 <val: int64> [i=0:5,10,0];

AQL% insert into test1 ‘[1 2 3 4 5 6]’;
and then I insert data from test01into test1,my aql statement:

AQL% insert into test0 select val from test1;

then I get the following error:

UserException in file: src/query/ops/insert/LogicalInsert.cpp function: inferSchema line: 158
Error description: Error during schema inferring. Dimensions ‘i’ and ‘i’ do not match.
Failed query id: 1100912174142

then I check the scidb-userguide-13.12.pdf document,in chapter9.1 it says:"array A and B must have compatible schemas."
So I think the problem is test0 the “i” upper value is 10,but in test1 the “i” upper value is 5,they are not compatible.

But I want to put all the 6 values in test1 into test0,then add some new numbers into test1(from i=6–10).I don’t know how to do ?
In the scidb-userguide-13.1213.12.pdf Chapter9 ,it says"The AQL INSERT INTO statement lets you update attribute values and insert new cells into an existing
array. The new values come from another array with a compatible schema."
So I believe I can add new cells into an existing array,but I don’t know how to do,the problem has bothered me for weeks.
I just want to test the “insert” function to know whether it can help to make some add operation like sql.

Thanks!,I hope someone could help me.


Most people use AFL, not AQL. In this example, insert() is AFL, and “insert … into …” is AQL. Adding cells is discussed