csv2scidb -o


I’m new to scidb and am having some trouble with the included utility csv2scidb

what is the appropriate syntax for the -o (output path flag)?

when i run csv2scidb -s 1 -i input.csv the appropriate output is displayed:

{0}[ (1.48306e+09,1), (5.80814e+08,1), (1.51079e+09,1), (1.16154e+09,1), (1.42655e+09,1), (1.06341e+09,1) ]

however when i run csv2scidb -s1 -i input.csv -o output.csv the file output.csv is created, but has no content.

Is this the expected behavior of the -o flag?



Sorry about that. It’s a bug. Just use this:

csv2scidb -s 1 -i input.csv > output.csv

-Alex Poliakov