Connect SciDB to maven project


I am building a maven project using eclips , I need to connect the maven project to the scidb using the jdbc,
i tried to add the dependency artifact at the top of the code by adding :
import org.scidb.jdbc.IResultSetWrapper;
but not working !
any suggestions ?


Hello again :slight_smile:

As i mentioned at the 1st post i have a maven project, and I am implementing a new module to connect SciDB with the existing project using JDBC. I tried out many ways to make the connection work, finally I could solve it by the following steps; So I thought it is useful to others to share
my sloution :slight_smile:
I am using eclipse under ubuntu 14.04, SciDB 14.12 So i :
1- go to the module properties → Java Build Path → libraries :

  • select the “Add JARs” and select the scidb4j.jar
  • select the “Add Variable ” --> add the “CLASSPATH” , I had a problem with the Variable Value, Because at the tutorial the “CLASSPATH” variable should signed to “$JDBC/scidb4j.jar:/usr/share/java/protobuf-java.jar ” but the eclipse doesn’t accept the variable value, so I only signed it to “/usr/share/java/protobuf-java.jar”
    2- select Run–> Run configuration → Environment –> New ; Variable name: CLASSPATH, Value:"$JDBC/scidb4j.jar:/usr/share/java/protobuf-java.jar"
    3-I added the following dependency to the pom.xml file :