Commands removed from scidb 15.12


what happen to very useful analyze command? its been there in 14.12 and in 15.12 its had been removed. the show command does not provide the same information

also approxdc had been removed


Hey Stan,

Yes, the analyze and approxdc operators are gone but you can still get the same functionality with regular aggregates, using the approxdc aggregate:

$ iquery -aq "scan(left)"
{i} a,b
{0} null,0
{1} 'def',1.1
{2} 'ghi',2.2
{3} 'jkl',3.3
{4} 'mno',4.4

$ iquery -aq "aggregate(left, approxdc(a), approxdc(b))"
{i} a_approxdc,b_approxdc
{0} 4,5