CMake cannot find CityHash module during ./ setup


i am trying to compile 15.7 on cents os 6
but it fails to install

Building SciDB 16.9

i can’t get the to install in any directory other than scidbbuildtrunk/stage/install


now i am trying to install into /usr/local/scidb and i have set SCIDB_INSTALL_PATH to that.
everything compiled fine but when i am trying to install i am getting the following error
sudo ./ install ERROR: Command install failed: Inconsistent install path: recorded by setup=/usr/local/scidb vs default/environment=/home/scidb/scidbtrunk/stage/install ERROR: Make sure commands setup,make,install,start are performed (in that order) before stop,stopForce,tests


line 458 of aparenty hardcodes where installs builds
def confirmRecordedInstallPath (scidbEnv):
installPath = getRecordedVar (scidbEnv.build_path,“CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX”)
if installPath != scidbEnv.install_path:
raise RuntimeError(“Inconsistent install path: recorded by setup=%s vs default/environment=%s” %
(installPath, scidbEnv.install_path))



I suspect you had to start with SCIDB_INSTALL_PATH=/usr/local/scidb ( setup, make, ).

Trying it now.


Confirming. If you have set SCIDB_INSTALL_PATH=/usr/local/scidb in your environment
AND you do the whole process with that setting (setup, make, install) it works.


i did try setup, make, install and SCIDB_INSTALL_PATH was configured beforehand in .bashrc and that .bashrc was sourced in ssh-agent shell.

it just does does not work. I am doing this with clean install of cent os 6.7 and scidb community edition 15.7 build. everything compiles, builds but does not install.

the “ install” script continues to insist regardless of the setting of SCIDB_INSTALL_PATH to install at build/stage directory. that what puzzles me. I can demonstrate this over skype

as a side note i am utterly perplexed as to why setup and make hard-code the location to where the software will be installed. If I were to distribute scidb community edition binary packages to somebody and that person wanted to install to different directory than the one i have used during the compilation how would that work?


Are you calling the same way each time?
The only way I was able to get the problem you said was if you modified .bashrc of scidb user, setup, make
sudo install

Sudo will make a shell as root user - which does NOT have SCIDB_INSTALL_PATH set.

Otherwise I am at a loss.


you are right. i was trying to install to a directory to which i had did not permissions i have used sudo. if i change permissions on directory where i am installing scidb 15.7 setup works without sudo

Thank you for your help