I can’t use the cluster_install script for many security related issues here, so I need to yum install scidb-14.8-all. That’s fine.
The manual says to perform the yum install on all nodes, but…
What if I share /opt/scidb/14.8 among all the nodes?
Then one install should do the trick, unless it does something else outisde /opt/scidb.

What is the downside of sharing /opt/scidb?

We are experimenting with UDOs which involves many stops and starts and copying the file in the plugins directories under /opt/scidb.
That’s the main reason we share and enjoy.


I don’t know what will happen.
I can’t think of any issues with NFS sharing /opt/scidb/14.8
The non-root installer actually creates the /opt/scidb/14.8 tree on one machine and then copies it to all the others in the cluster so NFS sharing should work.

:smiley: Let me know how it works out !