Cleaning tmp folder


During the execution of a store command I had some network issues that interrupted SciDB. As a result, each tmp directory is now with a big file, even bigger than anything on my datastore directory. I need to remove these files, because I’m running out of space on my hard drives.

This is what I got:

scidb@scidb2:~/data$ du -h
20G	./000/2/tmp
2.4G	./000/2/datastore
23G	./000/2
29G	./000/1/tmp
2.4G	./000/1/datastore
32G	./000/1
3.9G	./000/3/tmp
2.4G	./000/3/datastore
7.0G	./000/3
39G	./000/0/tmp
2.4G	./000/0/datastore
42G	./000/0
102G	./000
102G	.

Is there a safe way to remove theses files?



Yes there were some issues in 14.3 with respect to this. You can always simply

  • stop the database
  • manually remove the files
  • start the database
    That will always work for things in the tmp directories.

14.7 (due out soon) should handle this better.