Chunk size error when redimension


Hello :slight_smile:
I want to do redimension, but I got an error.

  • command

    AFL% store(redimension(project(apply(apply(test, Lon, int64(Longitude*10000)), Lat, int64(Latitude*10000)), Lon, Lat, value), <value:double> [x=0:1642:0:256; y=0:59:60:*; date=0:*:0:20000; Lat=-900000:900000:0:20000;Lon=-1800000:1800000:0:20000]),test_dim);
  • Error

    SystemException in file: src/array/Metadata.cpp function: initializeDimensions line: 491
    Error description: Metadata error. Chunk size should not exceed 2^63.

  • source_array

    test <Longitude:double,Latitude:double,value:double> [x=0:1642:0:256; y=0:59:60:*; date=0:*:0:*]

the all dimensions size multiply, then but it doesn’t exceed 63 in 2.
Why am I getting a chunk size error?
Help me.


Hi, I think the problem might be your


target dimension. That’s likely confusing the logical chunk size check. That says “make a dimension of length 60, and overlap 60” … I’m not sure what that ought to mean. SciDB should probably forbid overlap sizes >= the range of the dimension.

Try y=0:59:0:60 instead.


P.S. No need for two apply() calls, you can combine them:

apply(A, newAttr1, expr1, newAttr2, expr2, ...)


I got it. Thanks for your help!