Can't access online manual



I used to be able to access an online version of the manual here:

Now that link asks me to login. When I try to navigate up, I can go to the home page, but most of the links are grayed out, and I can’t go to the index. There doesn’t appear to be a away to register for an account.

Was that not meant to be public? Is there a way to get an account? Or is this a temporary problem?

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Whoa. That’s unexpected. We had absolutely no idea anyone was looking at that ol’ manual page…

We are essentially consolidating and restructuring our trac system, so many things are on temporary lockdown. There are some internal discussions on what to do so I can’t tell you what the final product will look like or when.

But – that page is quite old. No one updated it for a long time. There are new things like variable_window, gemm, etc that are not documented at all. Let me ask you this - I’m sure you’ve seen the PDF manual that comes with every release. Our plan is for that manual to be the manual. Is there anything about that doc you don’t like or find insufficient? What keeps you coming back to that online copy?


I love software engineering :smile:

Seriously, I’ve been on your side of this many times, saying to a user “Wait… you were using what?!”

I used that web page for 2 reasons:
[]I assumed that the “trunk” section was being actively maintained and contained the latest and greatest documentation[/]
[]As a command reference it is easier to use than the PDF - I just scroll to the top of the page to get a list of all the commands. The command grouping made sense / was obvious to me. In contrast, I have to remember to jump to a specific page to get to the table of contents section that lists commands, and they did not appear to be grouped[/]

Of course I completely understand that you do not want to maintain documentation in multiple locations! I’m not sure how you create the PDF, but I wonder if there is a script you could use to convert the “source” material into a command reference document or web page?


I want old online manual, too.
There was how to make UDF,UDT in the online manual, but not in recent PDF manual.


Thanks guys. The doc guys are aware and we’re talking about what we can do. Will keep you posted.


Hey guys,

Here’s a new incarnation of the online manual: Let me know what you think!