Cannot open include file BALABALA:No such file or directory


Hello,it’s me again ···o(╯□╰)o···

I am debug Cross_join and it’s related files,but I failed again and again,and according to the error message ,I lacked many files,such as array/Array.h,array/Metadata.h,boost/unordered_map.hpp,query/Operator.h and so on.It seems to tell me that I have no file all I needed.I try to search it in the file system,but find nothing.

I don’t know why,and I download the source code of version 14.8 and version 14.12,they all show these errors,how to solve it and continue my analysising?

Thank you so much···╭(╯3╰)╮···



I think that you are trying to use the gdb debugger with SciDB. Unfortunately we do not have good HOWTO documentation for this, but I can give you a few pointers.

First you must be sure to install the “debug” packages that are built for every release. Currently these are:

[ul]libscidbclient-14.12-dbg - SciDB client library (debug symbols)
libscidbclient-14.12-python-dbg - SciDB client library python connector (debug symbols)
scidb-14.12-dbg - SciDB - database for extra large data processing (debug symbols)
scidb-14.12-dev-tools-dbg - SciDB developer and tester utilities (debug symbols)
scidb-14.12-libboost1.54-dbg - Boost C++ Libraries with debug symbols
scidb-14.12-plugins-dbg - SciDB server and client plugins (debug symbols)
scidb-14.12-utils-dbg - SciDB querying tool and other utilities (debug symbols)[/ul]
In theory you should only need scidb-14.12-dbg and scidb-14.12-plugins-dbg in order to debug the SciDB instance processes. (If you are an EE customer, the scidb-14.12-p4-dbg package is also needed.) Once these packages are installed, you need to make an additional symbolic link:

[code]ls -la /etc/alternatives/linear_algebra.14.12
pushd /opt/scidb/14.12/lib/scidb/plugins/.debug

If the link points to /opt/scidb/14.12/lib/scidb/plugins/, then run this:

ln -s

If the link points to /opt/scidb/14.12/lib/scidb/plugins/, then run this:

ln -s[/code]

You should then be able to successfully use gdb on a core file or a running instance process.

I hope this helps!


You help me a lot!Thank you so much !(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

PS:Are you Chinese?Just curious···(^o^)/~