Cannot open file


Any idea about this error message:

Error description: Error during query execution. Cannot open file ‘full_path_to_file’ errno 13.
Failed query id: 1100883048085

“full_path_to file” is the full path to the CSV file to be loaded. The file exists and has proper permission.



If you are using a load command from iquery, did you specify the full pathname?
iquery doesn’t actually load it, it sends a “query” to SciDB engine which does the work, and I don’t think iquery forwards the current working directory to the engine. But I could be wrong, I am not a SciDB guru…

If I am right, it would be a nice feature if iquery could wrap the current working directory around unqualified filenames when appropriate.

Cheers, George


Hamid… you did say already, that you have a full pathname. Sorry for being hasty :blush:


Note that SciDB loads the file as the scidb user, not the one running iquery.


Problem had since been solved, thanks to George who suggested what slottad also did.