Can I perform standalone binary operations?



I have a question about executing binary operations on an array. I notice that

iquery -nq "SELECT * INTO B FROM multiply(A,A)"
iquery -anq "store(multiply(A,A), B)"
Assume A and B is a matrix with the same dimension.

Above two functions include writing output into B.
Can I execute the multiply operation without writing to output array, say B?

I tried this
iquery -anq “multiply(A,A)”

However, It looks like it does not do real-matrix computation, and return as soon as I call that.

iquery -aq “multiply(A,A)” - This writes output to console which I do not want.

Ideas about this? Thanks.


One way is:
iquery -anq “multiply(A,A)” -r /dev/null
but it still will have transfer data to the client.

It does not make sence to me just perform multiplication without storing result or without sending it to the client. Does it make sence to you?


Thank you for the response. I am measuring performance of the multiplication function as a benchmark, and I want to remove the side-effects as much as possible. Your suggestions helps me! Thanks!


another suggestions is to try

iquery -naq “count(multiply(A,A))”

Also, I wrote up my observations about performance here: … scidb.html


Thank you for the suggestion. I think we are doing a similar thing. Based on latency profiling, non-negligible time is spent other than the multiplication part as you pointed out in your blog even if I do not include store command. Thanks.