Building on a Mac


I am interested in building SciDB for an Apple Mac OSX. Has this been done? Is it hard to provide a binary for Macs? I did not see any instructions for how to build SciDB, what it depends on that is not included in your distribution. This would be very helpful.



A few days ago I uploaded a scidb_source_build.pdf document to the downloads page for 12.3. It has instructions for ubuntu. That could give you an idea for what packages are needed.
I know some people have built and run successfully on the mac. I’ll try to direct them your way.

  • Alex Poliakov


Thanks for the input. I also posted that message before reading the user guide, which answered some of my questions. I have more questions, but I should RTFM first.


Hi David, though SciDB is not officially supported on OS X building is possible. Building for OS X and distribution binaries not so easy as on Linux because of bunch of dependencies which not provided out-of-box. You can install all dependencies relatively easy if you will use Macports (