Bug in load function


objID:int64,NeighborObjID:int64,distance:float,type:int16,neighborType:int16,mode:int8,neighborMode:int8 [j=0:*,1000000,0];

when I use :
load(Neighbors, ‘/home/scidb/neighbors.csv’, -2, ‘csv’);
to load data , but it just will stop that, and no data will be loaded to database…


Does this happen with any csv file or only with the neighbors.csv file?


James, can you send us the portion of the scidb.log file covering the failed load?

Another thing to try: specify a max error count and shadow array when doing the load:

The shadow array will collect details about possible formatting errors in the file.


I can load the following neighbors.csv file that I created (note: the last line must contain data and cannot contain just a carriage return):

10, 10, 100.0, 10, 10, 10, 10