Boost error with SciDB 13.12


I have an op that used to build without any problem with SciDB 13.11 and 13.6.
The build step is now failing with the is error:

In file included from /opt/scidb/13.12/include/util/arena/Map.h:28, from /opt/scidb/13.12/include/array/RLE.h:36, from /opt/scidb/13.12/include/query/TypeSystem.h:51, from /opt/scidb/13.12/include/array/Metadata.h:49, from /opt/scidb/13.12/include/array/Array.h:38, from /opt/scidb/13.12/include/query/Operator.h:54, from BestMatchArray.cpp:30: /opt/scidb/13.12/include/util/arena/Managed.h:29:79: error: boost/container/scoped_allocator.hpp: No such file or directory

The indicated source of error i.e. Managed.h appears to be the same between 13.11 and 13.12 the file does have

in both versions. The version of the boost library is 1.46 and it has been used across SciDB versions starting with 13.2 or so. Any thought what the issue might be?



Have you figured it out already?

You need newer boost now. The best way to get it is to use deployment/ prepare_toolchain.


Yes, thanks.