As.scidb using matrices does not work


When I try to send an R matrix to scidb, R hangs.
For instance, this example does not work:

X <- matrix(runif(20),5) A <- as.scidb(X)

No problem when I run :as.scidb(iris)
Am I doing something wrong?


Hi, I think you didn’t do anything wrong.
I tried your code on my computer, and it works.

X <- matrix(runif(20),5)
A <- as.scidb(X)
A reference to a 5x4 SciDB array

Maybe it is the problem of your computer.



Try using the latest package from github, there have been lots of changes around matrices (for example sparse matrices are now supported). Install the latest package with:

install_github(“SciDBR”, “Paradigm4”)

If you don’t have the devtools package, install it first with: