Anything we should know about 14.7?


So 14.8 is out, great!
I needed 14.7 for some experiments I was conducting, but could not even find it in the list of past releases. I can get 11.12 … 14.3, 14.8 but not 14.7
Of course, this makes me assume that there was something very toxic about it. Please, please say if this is a four-pa (faux pas with a Georgian accent–Atlanta, not Tbilisi) or what…
Cheers, George


Hi George,

14.7 had some significant bugs in loadcsv and redimension. So we decided to essentially replace it with 14.8. The upgrade from 14.7 to 14.8 can be done without a data reload. This help?


Alex, Thanks! Yes it helps. I’ll work on convincing some of our collaborators to convert too. That’s the real trick :smile:

Important question: any UDO’s (re)written for 14.7, can they be dropped into 14.8?


You do not need to change the source code of the UDOs but will need to rebuild. SciDB requires the version of a UDO is equal to the version of the SciDB engine.