Anyone have shim built for SciDB 19.3 (ubuntu 14.04)

I tried shim 18.3 (I think) and had multiple timeout/no session errors in message log.
shim responded to version query (18.3.?) but did not find SciDB cluster.
Corrected port (1259) and other conf items.
saw message like ‘no cluster’ on nice user interface page at http://localhost:8080
checked cluster status with status -> ok and the iquery sample query (4 nodes answering)

much appreciate if there is a deb package. I thought about building from source, but ran out of focus/experience. … will get more eventually.
I am hoping to try SciDB in a radiotherapy delivery machine quality control app


Hi @rolmo808,
When I need the shim, I build it from source, so you’re on the right track. Very likely the shim’s configuration wasn’t what you expected. You can see the configuration that the shim would pick up if you run shim test. If you have a configuration file in /var/lib/shim, then that is what will be read (or a file permissions error, if you’re not root). There are other configuration options where you can control which configuration file the shim uses. shim -h to see those. If you wish to run the shim in the foreground, be sure to run shim start -f. Please let me know if you have other questions.

Hi Dave
slightly older and wiser, (but given the circumstances) doing well here!
I built Shim, but after I built Scidb 19.3 itself!
Due to slightly ambiguous interpretation of library paths and so on, I have all the binaries in a place non-standard - subdir of my ~ / scidbtrunk/stage/install/bin
It seems to work and I have connected via R which was initial goal!
next stage is to try and install the binaries on another trusty machine (14.04) and do some testing with the project in mind…
If you have a list of the actual environment variables I should set, it would be much appreciated.
all the best