Any users in London, UK, willing to discuss beginner implementation / ideas?


I work in the UK National Health Service [ NHS ] and am considering a pilot project to curate our medical linac commissioning and quality control data . Existing commercial and linac vendor projects exist, as does a similar open system qatrack+ : see

The scale of the data is not huge/ i.e. not ‘big data’; until one envisages national or even international pools.

The rules for processing/parsing/ analysing the data to essentially look for common performance records and deviations are relatively straightforward; but some of the data would need to be carefully stripped of identifiers for data protection purposes.

I was considering CERN ROOT but have put that to one side due to lack of c++ skill and not a huge amount of ‘positive hits’ in my searches for db approaches in ROOT. I have had a little experience in R, Python and the SciDB 16.9 VM seems of both relevance and simplicity, in terms of interface and (inherent) processing , and the scaling seems to be ‘there’. (As in , one may be able to creaate a model with a relatively few contributors or just local data, and later, securely roll it out (somehow)).

anyhow, if it rings any bells do let me know,




I’ve just started looking at scidb for retailer data. I’m in London occasionally if you want to chat over a coffee.




Hello Kevin

that would be great; routine work has somewhat pushed into my SciDB development, but at least this summer we had 2 students with whom we measured and that they sorted out (administered) into suitable text (.csv) small chunks to put into a SciDB. And I figured that i could access RStudio outisde of the ‘SciDB VM’ in the host (windows) PC using port forwarding. I have run through the SciDB / R demo a few times, but never get much further, so a chat at least arranged in future would definitly give me the prompt foro something to aim for!
I work at the Royal Marsden in Fulham Road, SW3, on phone 02078082508 if you are next in town and have a half hour i would welcome a chance to chat, here or wherever is suitable for you.

all the best



Hi Rollo - that would be great I’ll let you know when I’m down next - kevin