Any idea about hardware configuration for a production SicDB



Do have any best practice suggestions for choosing hardware for a production SciDB, regarding to RAM, CPU, and Disk, and how many instances can be configured on the same physical server.




Please take a look at this blog post for example: … look-like/

You may find some other interesting info in the other blog articles. Cheers.
-Alex Poliakov


Should we use a dedicated physical server for the cordinator instance?
And what’s the best practice for hardware configuration for the cordinator instance?


No, the instances are heterogeneous. The coordinator should be about the same size as the other instances.


I mean does the cordinator instance have more work to do, should we provide more phyical resources for it, will it affect other instances on the same physical machine?


Best practice is to treat the server that hosts the coordinator instance the same as the ones that host the worker instances. The coordinator instance does not do a significant amount of “extra” work.