AFL insert array_literal


Hi, I am trying to insert array_literal, e.g. 3 x 3 interger matrix, ‘[[(2)(3)(0)][(0)(55)(0)][(7)(0)(0)]]’ into SciDB through shim. However, it seems that AFL’s insert command does not support array_literal insertion. I tried AQL with insert INTO according to ( and it works. So, I want to know if with AFL, the array_literal can be used to populate a SciDB array or if an array can be created with all the values in it?


Hi Rencailhc:

How do you use AQL with shim? Do you use wget or are you using a python interface, such as Scidb-py?

Sorry, I dont have an answer for your question.




In the way to do this in AFL is to use build, passing the literal string as the second argument and the hidden “true” flag as the third argument. Like this:

$ iquery -aq "create array foo <val:double> [x=1:10000,1000,0, y=1:10000,1000,0]"
Query was executed successfully

$ iquery -aq "build(foo, '{1,1}[[{12,135}(3.14159)]]', true)"
{x,y} val
{12,135} 3.14159

$ iquery -aq "insert(build(foo, '{1,1}[[{12,135}(3.14159)]]', true), foo)"
{x,y} val
{12,135} 3.14159